We Sing A Cappella

The Edoens (/edu:ns/) is an a cappella vocal ensemble founded during the Covid-19 pandemic in August 2021. The group consists of six dedicated singers — 1 soprano, 2 altos, 2 tenors, and 1 bass — covering a really broad vocal range from C2 to D#6 (and possibly higher!). 

Its name is taken from a playful Sundanese word ‘edoen‘ (edun), which means ‘wow’ as well as ‘crazy’. The word was a label given to a social group we, the six singers, were part of during our college years; most possibly in a reference to our ‘unusual’ behaviours, ha! As a sextet of singers who are serious about our music but without taking ourselves too seriously, the name seems fitting.


We are Friends in Music

While the Edoens itself was ‘officially founded’ in 2021, its singers have been friends since 1990s while singing together as members of the ITB Student Choir (PSM-ITB).

Within our student choir community, we saw a tribe of hundreds of beautiful friendships, full of love, support, and encouragement. The friendship we found in this community lasts a lifetime.

We revived our collective joy of singing in harmony during the challenging pandemic time. Through singing together, we always find a hopeful journey onwards despite life’s inevitable challenges, making and creating music while loving and supporting one another.

We Sing with Our Hearts

The Edoens is not dogmatic about any particular genre. We celebrate diverse musical expression and always seek to integrate artistic aspiration with our pursuit to celebrate life, love, and humanity. 

Versatility to express the emotion and deliver the message of the song is central to our music making. It is as important as creating a meticulously blended and colourfully rich sound of tight a cappella harmonies.

Whatever genre we perform, whatever song we harmonize, we always try to sing with our hearts. 


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